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My background encompasses commercial and documentary work in broadcast, advertising, and digital media shot here and around the world. I have shot in studios and in tropical rainforests. My work has opened windows into so many different worlds.


A moment captured in light, can reveal us to each other and to the rest of the world.

I tell stories. Stories can move people. To think, to act, to feel. My tools are cameras, microphones, software, words and music. I am the witness and it is my job to get out of the way and let those tools, artfully wielded, allow that story to unfold.


A bird soars to possibilities in the sky's the limit creative services logo.

In addition to offering independent freelance services as Dana Vion, I also operate Sky's the Limit Creative Services which provides marketing services including: public outreach, social media, media plans, media placement (print, tv, radio, transit, other), and branding services.



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